Who build the bridge

Who build the bridge
Who build the bridge
There were once two villages that stood adjacent to each other separated by a deep ravines, in a certain kingdom. Each village had about ten thousand inhabitant whose friend and families resides on both sides. In the course of time, as consciousness grew and education evolved, there emerged the thoughts of a bridge that would link both villages. a delegation from both village, in compact, went and poured out their emotions to those in the office of governmental trust, and they rendered a decision for the bridge to be built. So the government commission a builder from France to come and build the bridge. He build a beautiful bridge, and the villagers and government were very please.

The question is now, who build the bridge, and who benefit from the bridge been built? .


Before you answer the question, let me enlarged the picture a little farther. Mind developed in an environment; but the environment does not developed mind, rather, its because mind sets out to developed the environment cause mind to developed. The environment is void and without form until mind act. When mind act the environment react to the mind and the person mind whose act, which cause mind to exhaust. Mind need to act so it may exhaust to refresh. When mind refreshed it becomes an advance mind; more than before. When mind act, the environment react and something happen to the personality of the mind that act; the person becomes more powerful as a person, character emerged.

There can never be a powerful mind or personality if the mind remained old in an advance time. Mind must always new, and active so it can exhaust to refresh. The butterfly will not come if the caterpillar does not exhaust. White Australian are not more than the native Australian; its just that the native Australian are functioning in the past which is their NOW, their reality, While the reality of the world has advance.

Mind act and education manage the act, education clean mind up. Every time you act your environment becomes more powerful and you too even becomes more powerful. If you do not act and allow others from outside to come and act for you, then you will become stagnated and weak and your environment will pass you by. So