Ship at sea

Idi Amin at the UN
Idi Amin at the UN

In the blackness of night, though surounder by his enemy
this valiant soldier jump into the deep waters to save his drowning
brethren, though he could not swim.

Ship at sea, loot by pirates, but this soldier bid his time and when the moment was right he push the pirates off the seats power and grab the rein of authority. With his un-nourish human cargo; not a single soul was nourished enough to lend an hand on deck. He was the captain, navigator, and
engineer. There was no records or books to guide him; the pirates took every thing and
what they could not carry they destroyed.

With his damage ship, taking on water as the raging sea hit the ship from side to side,
he called our to every one he saw on the high sea to assist him in bring the ship to
shore. But met with laughter as they assisting the sea in sinking the ship. But with power
and without fear he held on to his ship with his mind set on docking safely in the harbor
so that his human cargo may be nourished