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Just middle

The Police did not like Dudley Law because he was connected to the people, to them he was too powerful. The emerging Black middle class standard is education without any effort to connect to...
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson almost wrote a Psalm but he was heavily persecuted; so he could not got it out before he died,
Idi Amin at the UN

Ship at sea

In the blackness of night, though surounder by his enemy this valiant soldier jump into the deep waters to save his drowning brethren, though he could not swim. Ship at sea, loot by pirates, but...
A Trubute To Marcus Garvey

A Tribute To Marcus Garvey

The struggles of the early time were characterized by courage, bravery, and even heroism and today many of us regret that so many of those rugged traits of the early leaders have been lost...
The Teaching Of Amenemope

The Teaching Of Amenemope

Instructing his son in uprightness and honesty in governmental positions of trust, this African teacher called by many the “son of man” and by others Amenemope. This seer exalted conscience to its highest pinnacle...
Ikhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt

Ikhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt

The teachings of Amenemope were slowly losing their hold on the Egyptian mind when, through the influence of an Egyptian physician, a woman of the royal family espoused the Melchizedek teachings. This woman prevailed...
Written by J Cole

This is no religion

Some one asked me, some times ago, what religion I belong to; I simply said: I do not have religion as you may know religion. I am a son of God, like Jesus, a...
The stereo that shook the earth

The stereo that shook the earth

This is what I saw in this world. A machine that is used to determine those that are innocent, and those that are guilty. The machine designed in such a way so that the operator...

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